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Mike Dithurbide


President/General Manager Electronic Systems


Mike joined Allen-Vanguard as our Electronic Warfare Director in November 2004 after having served over 28 years in the Canadian Army.


Mike spent the majority of his career in the fields of Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) and Electronic Warfare (EW). Career highlights include Officer Commanding the Canadian Detachment at the National Security Agency at Ft George G. Meade in Maryland where he was employed in the Operations Directorate. He also served at the Medina Regional Security Operations Center (MRSOC), San Antonio, Texas. In addition to his operational duties, he was a member of the Board of Directors of this 1800 plus organization that was responsible for strategic direction and planning for a multi-service organization that included Army, Marines, Airforce, Navy and civilian personnel. In 2002 Mike was selected for a tour in Afghanistan as the Officer-in-Charge of the multi-national Signals Intelligence Electronic Warfare Operations Center (SEWOC) and ECM/EW advisor to the Kabul Multi-National Brigade Commander and also served as the Senior Signals Intelligence officer for Canada.


Mike has served in a variety of positions at Allen Vanguard, including engineering team lead for the UK, ECM program director, ES Business Develop Lead, as well as his current role of President and General Manager.