Allen-Vanguard is Rated One of Canada’s Top 50 Defence Companies

Allen-Vanguard is Rated One of Canada's Top 50 Defence Companies Image


Canadian Defence Review magazine is Canada’s leading defence and military journal, serving the information needs of Canada’s defence community. Readers of CDR include senior officers in the Canadian military, senior government officials and parliamentarians as well as executives in the defence, aerospace, security and related industries.


CDR is published by Synergistic Publications which has over 25 years experience in publishing defence and military magazines and periodicals. Their goal is to serve as a vital conduit of information between industry, military/government and the general public.



What is the selection process for the CDR Top 50?

An evaluation panel consisting of CDR editorial staff and independent advisors rank the companies annually based on factors such as economic impact to the country, research & development initiatives, innovation, contribution to the nation’s security, national and international contract wins, excellence of management and support of Canada’s military.



What are the requirements for consideration?

The ranked companies must meet certain requirements, including having manufacturing, R&D or service operations in Canada, to be included in the survey. Companies with representative or distribution offices only do not qualify to be included.



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