SCORPION Dual Carrier

SCORPION Dual Carrier Image

The SCORPION Dual Carrier is a modular system that allows two SCORPION ECM units to be deployed down range concurrently. With the wheels fitted the carrier can be pulled easily by an EOD Operator using the extendable handle or it can be towed into position by a small ROV using the robotic grab arm. With the wheels, extendable handle and robotic arm assembly removed the system can be deployed in the claw and robotic arm of a large ROV by grabbing the large central handle. When not required for use the dual carrier can be stripped down to its component parts by the use of quick release pins for easy stowage aboard an EOD vehicle.

Vehicle Install Kits

Vehicle Install Kits Image
Vehicle Install Kit (VIK) have included military and civilian pattern vehicles, armoured and non-armoured, covert and overt fits. Whilst there are generic components of any ECM vehicle installation (i.e. ECM equipment, antennas, cabling, power management system) each type of vehicle presents unique challenges and customers may have additional requirements that will also impact on the installation. AV therefore always recommends that a vehicle integration study be conducted prior to the design of any ECM Vehicle Installation Kit (VIK) and its subsequent implementation. Allen Vanguard has sourced, tested and fielded a wide range of antenna solutions for use with its ECM equipment to customers, ultimately the selection is dependent on frequencies to be covered, role (FP, EOD, EW) and whether they need to be overt or low profile.

Field Test Set

Field Test Set Image
The Field Test Set (FTS) is a simple, one button, press to test wideband receiver that enables the user to conduct a quick, independent confidence test to confirm that the ECM system it is being used in conjunction with is outputting RF energy in the correct bands and energy levels prior to deployment on operations. In use the FTS colour screen displays the frequency bands and the RF energy levels it is detecting in the form of bars. The FTS can be calibrated for and used with any of Allen-Vanguard's ECM systems.


Backpack Image
The Force Protection (FP) carrier pack has been specifically designed to accommodate the SCORPION™ Man portable ECM system. Its heavily padded and fully adjustable waist belt and shoulder straps ensure that the weight is carried on the hips and high on the back minimizing degradation to the user and maximising comfort. The pack conceals the ECM system from clear view but allows for ventilation of the system and is provided with a number of pouches for the stowage of spare batteries, the Hot Swap Device and a small amount of personal equipment. In addition the left hand shoulder strap has been modified to hold the SCORPION™ Remote Control Unit allowing the user easy access to it when required and secure stowage when not required. The carrier pack can be provided in a variety of colours to suit the organisation or theatre of operations the system is to be used in.

Remote Control Unit

Remote Control Unit Image
Invariably Allen-Vanguard's Vehicle Mounted ECM systems are installed in the rear of the vehicle platform they are protecting whilst the operator is normally in the front, and in the dismounted Force Protection (FP) role, Allen-Vanguard's SCORPION™ system is carried on the back of the user. In such circumstances the operator does not have access to the ECM systems front control panel. To address that issue all of Allen-Vanguard's ECM systems can be provided with Remote Control Units (RCUs) which provide real-time feedback on the status of the system, audio-visual alarms of any faults or failures and basic controls such as powering the system on/off, start/stop jamming and putting the system into stealth mode.

Hot Swap Device

Hot Swap Device Image
A battery hot swap device for the SCORPION™ man portable system that utilizes the same re-chargeable 2590 batteries the main unit uses. The device plugs into the power port on the front panel and powers the system during battery cassette swap out to prevent loss of active coverage during operations.