VIP Protection

Powerful vehicle-based and dismounted ECM solutions to protect VIPs from Radio-Controlled IEDs and maximize operational readiness.

VIP Protection Image

Allen-Vanguard's Electronic Countermeasure (ECM) equipment is renowned for being amongst the most technologically advanced and reliable in the industry. With thousands of units deployed in prominent operational theatres, our systems are an integral piece in the daily protection of VIPs and security details around the globe.


Combining our world-leading equipment with our highly-skilled vehicle-installation expertise, Allen-Vanguard offers a powerful yet affordable vehicle-based ECM solution that ensures optimal protection and maximizes operational readiness.


Allen-Vanguard has an uncompromising view on maximum performance, having developed ECM vehicle-fits for a number of luxury vehicles. Discrete installation with minimal intrusion is essential for VIP vehicle-fits allowing teams to focus on the mission at hand and dignitaries to travel in a relaxed environment. Minimal disruption of the host vehicles minimizes capital expenditure allowing wider dispersion of the protective capability thereby providing maximum operational flexibility to counter all eventualities.


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