The most flexible vehicle-based electronic warfare platform; open, software-definable architecture.


EQUINOX™ is our latest vehicle-based Electronic Warfare (EW) platform used to defeat Radio Controlled Improvised Explosive Devices (RC-IEDs). This jammer is the result of our deep understanding of the RC-IED threat and our advanced ECM technology innovation. It is a fully networkable, software defined, and open architecture system which provides capabilities in line with standards set by several large military development programs. It is a hybrid multi-function system with next-generation radio frequency sensing and jamming protection.

The open, software-definable architecture ensures EQUINOX™ is the most flexible electronic warfare platform on the international market. Its modular and adaptive design provides a future-proof capability that program managers seek and increasingly expect. EQUINOX™ is fully networkable and operates seamlessly with communications systems of all types. With its user-definable software and scalable hardware configuration EQUINOX™ enables users to meet both current and emerging threats, and plays a vital role in any counter terrorism solution strategy.

The EQUINOX™ jamming system has a range of vehicle installation options which can be tailored to any viable platform. The software component is critical and with our dedicated Threat Management Team, Allen-Vanguard is able to offer a range of support options to meet every users needs, including training, support, and consulting.

EQUINOX™ defeats multiple threats and anticipates the evolving needs of the users for frequency spectrum dominance and delivers an unparalleled level of jamming protection.

Allen-Vanguard'€™s ES Group continually strives to stay abreast of new and applicable technologies, the current and emerging RCIED threat, and its customer's future EW requirements that in turn drives its ongoing R & D program to develop, test and bring to market new products that address those emerging threats and requirements. Allen-Vanguard'€™s latest product innovation, the Individual Transceiver Module Sleeve (ITMS), is based on its EQUINOX™ system technology.

The Individual Transceiver Module Sleeve (ITMS)
The ITMS is a standalone housing for one of the EQUINOX™ Transceiver Modules (TMs). The upper compartment of the sleeve contains the Controller Module (CM) which stores the waveforms/profiles and controls operation of the TM. The rear of the sleeve provides all of the connections for power, programming, antenna output, GPS and remote control. It also has two in-built fans for cooling the TM.

The ITMS allows independent fielding and vehicle installation of individual EQUINOX modules, either TM-A, TM-B or TM-D dependant on which part of the threat spectrum from 20 MHz to 6 GHz you need to address. The ITMS can potentially fill a number of capability/market gaps, as follows:


  • To augment a users existing ECM system which may be overloaded or have insufficient bandwidth to effectively cover all the threats in one area of the threat spectrum.


  • To also provide a simple and cost effective technical capability upgrade. For instance if the users current system only covers the spectrum up to 2.5 GHz, a TM D in an ITMS would then provide an additional capability up to 6 GHz from 2.5 GHz without having to replace their existing system.


  • To allow a distributed network of EQUINOX™ TMs (connected by Ethernet cable) in a vehicle that has insufficient space for a standard EQUINOX™ 4 module chassis, or where the user wants the capability to be hidden or discrete.


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