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Multiple Integration Options

The use of drones for nefarious means is proliferating. Be it their use as a weapon of terror within asymmetric operations, their use for close target reconnaissance or use in delivering packages of contraband; the ingenuity of the enemy seems limitless. To counter this increasing threat Allen-Vanguard has capitalized on its world leading Counter RCIED pedigree and developed a tailored capability that will deliver an assured protection zone that will deny access to commercial drones.

ANCILE was developed to deliver RF inhibition to the wide variety of commercial drones. Delivering optimized inhibition waveforms that will disrupt the wide variety of command and control protocols ANCILE ensures a robust and effective no-fly zone that can be applied to convoy protection, operational bases and facilities alike.


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    Complementary Capabilities

    ANCILE can be deployed standalone or as part of an integrated solution; contact us to discuss your requirements.


    ANCILE comes in different variants, including vehicle-mounted & Quick Deploy (QD) for all roles & missions.


    ANCILE has vehicle-mounted & Quick Deploy (QD) antenna solutions to provide optimum spectrum coverage.

    Power Solutions

    ANCILE offers different power solutions including AC-DC Inverters & a Compact Power Management Unit (CPMU).

    Remote Control Unit

    ANCILE’s RCU is a simple interface for the operator of the system to directly interface with the unit.

    Quick Deploy (QD)

    The QD variant allows ANCILE to deploy remotely within roles or missions without a vehicle.

    Vehicle Installation Kit

    The VIK is an arrangement of hardware consisting of two core common elements and a range of antenna solutions.

    Field Test Set (FTS)

    Simple device that augments the built in test of the capability, ensuring the ECM system is working correctly.

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