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EQUINOX Next Generation (NG) is the latest vehicle based Electronic Countermeasure (ECM) system from Allen-Vanguard.  Its highly agile and flexible technical architecture has been developed around the leading global standards for Electronic Warfare (EW) hardware addressing the compliancy sought by major programs for an enduring and ‘ever-greening’ capability.

EQUINOX’s technical adaptability is coupled to a highly flexible and scalable physical format which allows it to be easily configured for a wide range of scenarios. From armoured vehicles in operational theatres to VIP convoys or vulnerable fixed site locations, the system can be integrated with relative ease to address both the RCIED and Drone threat alike.


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    Power Solutions

    Equinox NG offers different power solutions including batteries & Compact Power Management Unit (CPMU).


    Equinox NG is highly modular comprising a Shared Processing Unit (SPU) and range of Radioheads (RH).


    Equinox NG has multiple vehicle-mounted antenna solutions to provide optimum spectrum coverage.


    Equinox NG comes in different variants and alternative colour options for all roles & missions.

    Remote Control Unit

    Equinox NG’s RCU is a simple interface for the operator of the system to directly interface with the unit.

    Vehicle Installation Kit

    The VIK is an arrangement of hardware consisting of two core common elements and a range of antenna solutions.

    Field Test Set (FTS)

    Simple device that augments the built in test of the capability, ensuring the ECM system is working correctly.

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