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The 3XXX Electronic Countermeasure (ECM) suite of systems (3140, 3230 & 3330) are a combination capability based on AV’s versatile, fully programmable and extensively operationally proven core technology.  The 3140, accompanied with 3230 or 3330 unit are widely deployed across numerous global conflict zones and are the corner stone of protection for several key agencies. This highly reliable technology has delivered numerous operational mission hours protecting personnel and non-military officials facing the threat from Radio Control IEDs (RCIEDs). The 3XXX suite is easily integrated onto most vehicle platforms or deployed in a static point protection role.

The 3XXX family offers an internally modular and easily upgradeable architecture with a raft of protection measures. The 3XXX series is robust, simple to operate and maintain, and this combined with its outstanding performance make it ideal for major Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and Other Government Departments (OGDs).


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    3XXX comes in different variants and is deployed as a “combination system” for all roles & missions.


    3XXX has multiple vehicle-mounted antenna solutions to provide optimum spectrum coverage.

    Power Solutions

    3XXX offers different power solutions including batteries & a Compact Power Management Unit (CPMU).

    Remote Control Unit

    3XXX’s RCU is a simple interface for the operator of the system to directly interface with the unit.

    Fixed Site Unit

    The Fixed Site Unit allows 3XXX systems to deploy remotely within roles or missions without a vehicle.

    Vehicle Installation Kit

    The VIK is an arrangement of hardware consisting of two core common elements and a range of antenna solutions.

    Field Test Set

    Simple device that augments the built in test of the capability, ensuring the ECM system is working correctly.

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