Threat Management

AV's Threat Management Team (TMT) offers a range of support options to provide intimate user support with optimized algorithms for particular threats.

Threat Management Image

Allen-Vanguard maintains a Threat Management Team consisting of RF engineers and ECM/EOD SMEs. This team uses a world leading Open Source Threat Database to identify potential and current RCIED threats worldwide. Having identified a threat the team will procure the actual radio system so that it can be analysed, characterized and exploited to identify any weaknesses in its operation that may assist in the development of waveforms to effectively defeat that threat.


Initial waveform development and testing is conducting in Allen-Vanguard'€™s laboratories that are equipped with state of the art equipment and automated test platforms that ensure repeatability and a high level of tests. This initial laboratory testing provides a strong level of confidence in the waveforms prior to field testing.


The final acid test is live open air range testing using the actual threat device and the ECM loaded with the waveform under test. Once the waveform has been optimized and proven successful it is stored along with test and research data in a library of known threats for future use.


Allen-Vanguard's Threat Management Team has the ability to assist customers to identify the actual or potential RCIED threat within their country or area of operations and then prioritise those threats based on ease of procurement, modification and deployment from a perpetrators perspective. Having identified and prioritized the RCIED threat, Allen-Vanguard can then develop and test the waveforms necessary to defeat them as detailed above.


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