In The News – 07 September 2023

Allen-Vanguard deepens its ECM support to Somalia with an 18-month contract extension for its Field Service Representative (FSR) Team

Allen-Vanguard, a global leader in providing customized solutions for defeating Radio Frequency (RF) based terrorist and extremist threats, has a long-established relationship of providing vital ECM and counter explosive threat support to Security Forces across Somalia. This support has recently been increased with the provision of additional ECM hardware to the region and the formal 18-month extension of the in-country Field Service Representative (FSR) team based in Mogadishu​.

Since 1991, the civil war and related power struggles between warring factions and various extremist groups has created one of the highest risk areas of operation for government security forces and international peacekeeping troops in the world. For those required to operate in the region, either military or diplomatic, the risk of injury or death from explosive related devices either intentionally detonated or accidentally triggered remains significant and therefore it is essential, in order to protect those trying to bring peace to the region, to have access to the necessary ECM hardware, training and in-country support.

Allen-Vanguard has been working in Somalia supporting national Security Forces and working with other peace keeping nations since 2018, helping to defeat the RF threat by supplying high quality but cost-effective ECM protection, such as our SCORPION and 3XXX suite of protection. The 3XXX offers an internally modular and easily upgradeable architecture with a raft of protection measures. The 3XXX series is robust, simple to operate and maintain, and can be vehicle mounted or used at a static location so is perfect for use in the region. The SCORPION has similar technology and capability but in a highly flexible manpack form, maximizing its utility. These features combined with their outstanding performance make both ideal for security forces but also major Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and Other Government Departments (OGDs).

Allen-Vanguard is committed to providing the best possible service and outcomes for their customers and they aspire to create indigenous force protection capability through comprehensive training (recently they provided additional Explosive Threat Reduction Training in Somalia) and through their dedicated in-country FSR team. This team has the necessary Allen-Vanguard specialists to provide a tailored mission support service for all their ECM systems updating and testing. They offer a range of support options to optimize algorithms specific for every user’s needs and to combat threats specific to the region of operations. The Somali team have been in Mogadishu since August 2021, and has just been extended for a further 18-months.

Bobby Strawbridge, Director Business Development for Allen-Vanguard said “We at Allen-Vanguard are very conscious that ECM equipment alone does not defeat the threat. Our vision is to create local capability, share knowledge, provide training and help to develop regional expertise so that those facing the greatest risk in peace keeping operations get the maximum possible protection. As one of the highest risk operational theatres in the world and building on a decade’s worth of supporting peacekeeping operations in Somalia, Allen-Vanguard’s footprint has recently grown considerably, reinforced with a permanent presence on the ground delivering OEM support at the ‘sharp end’ of operations.”

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